About Us

Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired

Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired (EAVI) was founded in (1983). It was publicized and registered by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in (UAE) in 1985.


  • To take measures to help integrate the visually impaired in society.
  • To impart skills to the visually impaired members which help them become productive citizens.
  • To improve coordination between the association and similar organizations in order to support and improve level of services which are provided to the visually impaired in Emirates.
  • To highlight the affairs pertaining to visually impaired through the media.
  • To conduct researches, scientific and field studies which could serve the visually impaired.
  • To aware the public about the visually impaired and their special needs.
  • To increase the voluntary activity and its awareness in the society.

 Our Activities:

Social Activity

To further the goals of the association by building bridges of intercommunication and relations among the visually impaired and to integrate visually impaired with their society, association holds many social activities such as:

  • Series of open dialogues.
  • Entertainment trips.
  • Exchange of visits with various social associations.
  • Exhibitions.

Cultural Activity
The association organizes the cultural activities to enhance the participation of visually impaired in such events. The cultural activity is represented in:

* Scientific Symposiums.

* Training courses.

* Cultural contest.

* Issuance of directional leaflets.

* Issuance of publications in (Braille System).

* by Recording the books.

Sport Activity

The association’s role is not limited to the cultural and social activities; it has been extended to include sport activities as it is believed that “sound mind is in the sound body”. Therefore the association decided to provide suitable atmosphere for the blind to practice their sport activities, which includes the following games:

  • Goal ball for the blind.
  • Track and Field.
  • Tennis Ball for the blind.
  • Chess.
  • Entertainment and amusement.