Our Programs

(Horizons) Program

With the beginning of (2003), the association launched its pioneer educational project (Horizons), to educate the blind the information of technology. This program aims to opening new horizons of education and knowledge for the blind. Also by this program, the association aims to make the blind earn skills of computer operations and entry into the world web (internet), in order to vary the resources of information to them and open new gates for their work.
(Learn) Program

The program (Learn) is for teaching and training the blind how to read and write with (Braille System), due to the great importance of this system.
the program is divided into two sections: –

First Section: to training and teaching the disabled blind and weak sighted
Individuals’ skills of reading and writing in (Braille System).

Second Section: to training guardians of the blind and who are interested, the
skills of reading and writing in (Braille System).And working
to spread awareness of (Braille System) and its importance.
(Skills) Program

Gaining the blind skills of life consider an important necessity for their independence and self dependence. Therefore the association launched this program (Skills) which aims to give the blind the necessary life skills such as movement, mobility, domestic management for females, skills of communication, for communication the blind with their society.

Also the association aims through this program (skills) to the reorganization with the blind. In addition to the ways of dealing with them and training them.